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Monday, August 24, 2009

New Toy

New toy. But now ain't got no Nike+ shoe to go along with. So means going to get new shoes soon?

Despite the bad review that I gave (read here, here, here and here), somehow I still like it.

This new version comes in black/yellow or white/pink. So sad no more orange.

But I am glad they do away with the black/green LED face. Without light, that was almost impossible to read at night and in dim light. This new version is still without light but at least the LED face is now replaced by a LCD face which is much easier to read although not as stylo.

Hopefully, they will also have fixed the seal so that it is more robust when it encounter water.


  1. u want to try? I got a NIKE air elite 4+ which u can use to try...hahaaa

  2. Give me a chance to get my own Nike+ shoe lah. don't tempt me