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Friday, June 27, 2008

Continuing the adventure of the Nike+ SportsBand

An anonymous tip off that the Epicenter@orchard carries the Marware pouch for the Nike+ sensor. Sianz that's not a place I frequent so thought I looked around in Funan. The Mac shop there also only carry the Switcheasy. Than after the run, while browsing in the shop - lo and behold - found this:
A Nathan shoe pouched specially for the Nike+ sensor and all the while I been looking high and low when it was just in front of me. And cost $15.00 only.

Unfortunately, now got new problem. After last weekend run, M took the SportsBand for a shower. The darned thing is supposed to be able to be submerged in 1m deep water for at east 30 minutes but 1 shower later, somehow the water vapour has managed to get in and the result is this:

Hopefully, with 1 hairdryer and silica treatment later, the water vapour will dry up otherwise got to send it back in for treatment.


  1. Did you manage to exchange for a new Sportband? My Sportband have a problem in LCD too, the screen seems cracked. I just got a replacement, but the second one have same problem again :( Kinda disappointed with Nike quality now.

  2. Hi Oicin, (do I know you?)

    As long as you got the receipt, you should be able to change it. Mine was a trial set from Nike so I don't think it's proper for me to ask for a replacement.