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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2 Person in the Gym

2 person at the gym yesterday caught my attention.

The first one was a boy probably about 14 - 15 yrs old. He was with his father and the father was trying to get him to do a workout. He first started on a bike and barely 10 mins later step off and then went to the treadmill where he walked another 10 mins. After the father finished his own run, he got the boy to do some stretches but all I could see was the boy making futile attempts to copy his old man. You see, the boy was obese. Not just fat but obese with wobbly chin, arms and legs.

Later, a lady came in. She started stretching impressively, went on the Flabelos and ended up on the treadmill where she stopped more than she walked. Not obese but just fat.

The things is I know 1 month later, 6 months or even 1 year later when I see them again, they will still be in the same shape. Why? From time to time I bummed into people who enthusiastically took up some sort of exercises to lose weight but I dare say most of them I know fail. Because after they finish their exercises, they are so hungry that they eat like nobody business and put back everything plus more. And I can wager my last dollar these 2 person are in this group.

Which reminds me of 1 person I know who is currently doing the same thing........ me! Ha ha ha, the scale on the weight machine has been creeping up. My food intake dates back to my pre-marathon days but now that I am only doing an average of 20km a week, it's still the same. At this rate, I will hit 80 in 1 month and maybe 90 by year end.

Oops will I have to change my nick then?


  1. In theory, losing weight is simple.
    Just burn more calories than you consume. But that's easier said than done (for most people).

    Everyone started running with the usual reasons; to lose weight or be more fit.

    For me, I found I had no problems on the cardiovascular side but noted the weight loss is agnosing slow at first.

    I picked pace and now running at 12.3km/hr and really had a huge weight loss. Went down from a size 36 to a size 32 within 6 months. On average, I am burning 800 calories for an hour's run on the treadmill.

    BTW, I am the same age as you are.


  2. I think losing weight is more complicated than simply more calories out than in.
    I do think that using interval training, rather than long distance running, will result in a greater (and much quicker) reduction in bodyfat.
    Also choosing some bodyweight exercises such as pushups,pullups,lunges,etc. can greatly impact your results.
    It's somewhat sad to see people go directly to the treadmill to walk, jog, or run for extended lengths of time in an effort to lose weight.
    That hour would be so much better spent doing a 10 minute (3 sets ea) of previously mentioned body weight exercises- and a 20 minute high intensity interval on an elliptical or treadmill.
    Half the time, and most likely double the benefits. I used to jog or walk 5 miles a day and experienced negligible weight loss; Now I do 15 min bodyweight exercises a day (minimal rest between each exercise) and 1-2 cardio intervals a week...and in about 4 weeks gone from 189 to 172 lbs (17 lbs.)
    Then again- also a diet high in vegetables (especially greens), low in processed carbs, moderate in protein has also been a huge help.

    So, really- diet and intensity play much bigger roles in weightloss/intensity than perhaps does mono-tempo cardio.

  3. I agreed with both of you guys. Losing weight is not as simple as calorie intake less than output although in a nut shell it is just that. The point of this blog post was to make one ponder about effective weight loss.

    Myself, I don't really have a weight issue as those who know me will attest. And I don't think I will hit 90 by yr end:)