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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pipelines Trail

This is just a small part of the long sprawling pipelines trail running from ZhengHua to Rifle Range Rd that participants in the North Face challenge tomorrow will have to run through on their way to complete either a 50km or a 100km race through the Singapore nature reserve areas of MacRichite, Mandai and Bukit Timah.

Thanks to T@z who volunteered to show me this beautiful area otherwise I couldn't even know such a place exist in Singapore. Now it has got me itching to run there but see all the slopes damn shiong very scare.

Anyway good luck to all friends doing this. Do stop by to say hello and get a drink when you pass by the pipelines.


  1. Thanks again Tekko for putting that wonderful oasis of a water stop on the top of that $%^&(#@ hill :P It was a sight for sore eyes, and a balm for sore legs, especially after 38 km :) Hope you didn't get too sun burnt....

    BTW, discovered many more very beautiful areas to run here in Sg. Never knew we had such amazing trail networks.

  2. Just a suggestion for blogger and other people reading this comment... try taking up offroad biking. That's just a starting point, as biking in general will allow you to cover more ground, see more sights and explore a heck of a lot more areas than running. That's applicable to both road and offroad biking, in Singapore and elsewhere... You can ride for fitness, for thrills (and spills), for fun (urban/street riding) or just for the heck of feeling the wind in your face.

    There was a previous blogpost about Jervois Road... now if you had been on a bike, it wouldn't have been a big secret ... and you could have continued riding up Tanglin road till you reach Ridley Park road - and check out the first house on the right.

    Or huff and puff your way up Mt Faber, and then pretend you're coming down the Alps on the descent - and you can do that 10 times to get in a serious workout too!

    Point being - I fully expect to be riding into my 80's (if I get to live that long). Can't say the same about running. fwiw.

    1. Hi DH Poser Chwee

      I read your blog on downhill biking in Penang and I was hoping I could ask you a few questions?

      I'm going there in mid-June, so I'd just like some advice.