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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Special Conoction

Some people who run with me will know that occasionally I like to bring along a special drink which I find makes for a good recovery drink. At the recent TNF 100 race, I resurrected it in a slightly different form. This here is the ingredient that went into it.

So for those who have been too polite to ask, those floating bits inside the drink are real orange pulp and sometimes seeds not some loose stuff from the kitchen. And for those who managed to have the "sng bao" at the TNF 100, the little black thingy inside the frozen drinks are not the dirt from Lorong Asrama but Chia Seeds.

The next time you go for a run, why not try the above instead of buying 100+ or H20.

Monday, October 24, 2011

MacDonald Waterway Fun Run

The HDB celebrated the completion of the S$235m Punggol Waterway with a full day Fiesta. As part of the Fiesta, there was a 3.2km fun run sponsored by MacDonald Restaurant! So naturally, when we were asked whether we want to join in the fun, we gladly came along. After all, it is free!

The 4.2kmPunggol Waterway runs along the outskirt of Punggol and connects the Sungei  Punggol and Sungei Serangoon. So now it is possible to walk, run, blade, cycle all the way from Pasir Ris to Punggol end without having to cross major traffic junctions!

Back to the run. There was about 2000 participants which I could see was too many for the 2km wide pathway. But except for a few "heros", nobody else run. Everybody was walking and enjoying the beautifully cultured garden and waterway. Too bad about the hot sun though. Wondered why they can't leave some of the trees and have to cut down everyone of them and replant small saplings which does not provide any shade at all!
The start of the event. Nobody was running. 

Just one part of the waterway

Bridge over the waterway. And there are several crossing

The part of the waterway that extends to Sungei Seranggon.

Finally the end is in sight but we can't walk anymore cos everybody is queuing up for the goodie bag

The end point at last!

I reckoned the whole stretch from Old Tampines Road to the end here at Punggol Waterway and Punggol Point is about 10km one way and will be a wonderful stretch for runners staying in this part of Singapore looking to do long runs. No more need to go to East Coast Park!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To Give or not to Give

There are many issues and problems arising from the just concluded TNF 100 in Singapore. One of them was the issue of whether to give the finisher's medal to runners who did not meet the cut off timing.
Photo from one of the albums in somebody's facebook account
One of the rules state: "only runners that finish the race within the cut-off times will be entitled to a finishers’ medal". So a runner was peeved when medal were given to everybody who completed the race regardless of their timing. So the question is, what is the rule for if it is not to adhere to?". Another runner chipped in that the gesture devalue the worth of completing the race as anybody can just walk the entire race and "earn" the medal + bragging rights. This is not unlike the perpetual debate on the finisher's tee that is given out after major race.

Does giving out the medal to everybody cheapen the race for the others who truly worked hard to earn it? 

From the organiser point of view, it make sense for them to give it away. After all, the medals have already been made and they can't recycle it for the next year so they might as well give it away instead of dumping them. For the runners who get it despite finishing after the cut off, at least there is a little memento to take away from the race. After all, the TNF 100 is a grueling race regardless of the distance and anybody who completes deserved a pat on the back right?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The North Face 100 Challenge

I have been looking forward to this race since last year when I ran into the dreaded wall and got defeated by the trail and the heat. But as things turn out, despite putting in so much more trail runs this run, the injury put paid to all my plans. Hopefully this will be the final race that I have to sit out this year. 

A number of friends are doing this and of course, the sidekick. She jokingly said she is on a blind date since she does not know who her running partner is. TNF people managed to swap my place with somebody. As things turn out, she never even got to see her partner. 

After dropping the sidekick off at MacRitchie and after the flag off at 10am (why must it be so late?), I went over to Mandai. The original plan was to go the Dairy Farm first to catch the 100km Duo people and some of the 50km Duo. But after calculating that the majority of the 100km Duo people would have passed Dairy Farm by 10.30am, decided to go straight to Mandai. 
At the junction of Mandai Road and the road to the zoo, there was a waterpoint there. Went in with Ultrawoman Kelly who had DNF after the first round when her back of knee came back. Took some photos before being driven away by the swarm of mosquitoes. 

Crossed the road to Lorong Asrama to await the runners coming out from there. Had earlier prepared some frozen drinks and fruits for Ocean 9, the group of TNF Trail Run Leaders and friends. Of course took some photos in the process. Photos didn't turn out too good. Must be cockeyed!

Unfortunately couldn't wait for Alck, the only Ocean 9 members left doing the 100km solo after the sidekick called to said she was not feeling well and had to rush back to MacRitchie.  Anyway, was glad all the Ocean 9 members completed within the cutoff and got their finisher medal.

The TNF 100 Singapore Challenge has always been a tough race for the local. The terrains are not as bad as other overseas TNF edition I supposed since we do not have steep hills and rivers but the heat more than make up for it. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to Running

Exactly one week after the medical review, I have done 4 runs to date. The doctor have given the go ahead to run except that I have to do it on 'soft' ground but not trail. And to do at a pace no faster than 10km per hour. As if I can run faster than that:) And I have to stick to the soft ground for at least 3 weeks and if there is no problems, then I can go onto harder ground.

So I started last week with 3 km on the dreadmill followed by 4 km 2 days later. Because the SSC gym has a time limit of 25minutes, I moved on to the Meridien JC track and ran 5 km on Sunday followed by 6 km today. So far so good!

The doctor also said no more barefoot running. He attributed and I reluctantly agreed with his assessment that the barefoot running was a direct cause of the injury.  The doctor said he did some research and it seems that metatarsal injuries are quite common among barefoot runners due to the repeated pounding on the fore foot. My barefoot friends are sure going to be upset about this!

Sighed. Does that mean I have to retire my Saucony Kinvara and NB MT101 without wearing them at all?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Project Love Sneaker

Running Lab Project Love Sneaker is back.

The life of a running shoe isn't necessarily over after 800km... There are literally millions of people that could really use your shoes. 

Donate your pair of previously loved running shoes (adult sizes in cleaned and reusable condition) at any Running Lab store in Singapore from 30 September to 30 October 2011 and receive a S$50 Running Lab shoe voucher*! The collected footwear will be transported by Jet Airways to be donated to needy communities in rural India.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to in-store for details.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How to Lose Weight the Cheapo Way - Part 4

In the earlier 3 posts (part 1, part 2, part 3) I talked about losing weight without going to those fancy slimming centre, eating expensive supplements or going on weird diet. I also mentioned that there is no need to do any real exercise. Weight loss, like most expert will tell you, is a simple method of less calorie in, more calorie burnt. But of course we know that it is not so simple as that. Firstly, most of us have no clue how much calorie is in each serving of food and it won't be an enjoyable experience if we have to count calories, although there are now apps available to make it easier, every time we eat something.

But back to the million ton question. Did what I advocate in the earlier posts work and most important of all without doing any real exercises? Coincidentally, due to my current injury, I have stopped all form of exercises for the past 10 weeks. I also don't do any housework other than walking the dog for 10 minutes every now and then. I still do some strength training at home but that is mainly static and non-aerobic. On top of that, this period coincide with the Lantern Festival, so I had my fair share of mooncakes. And there were a few occasions when I dined out with friends and families where we had buffets and seafood. And I continued to eat the way I suggested in post no 3. So how many kilos did I put on during this period?

As of today, 10 weeks after I stopped running, exactly 1.5kg! But I like to think that if there had not been so many feasting sessions this period, so many mooncakes, I would not have put on any weight at all.  But even with all these extra, it was only 1.5kg. So what I suggest may work.

Anyway, the thing is, while it is possible to lose weight strictly by controlling food intake, it is better to combine it with some sort of exercises be it running, cycling or brisk walking. Or even doing housework like moping, sweeping, vacuuming. Not only does it help to burns the calories but it will make one healthier and more fit.   

So in conclusion, eat wisely, do some exercises if you got the time, if not, do some housework. Most of those ladies I know who are always talking of themselves being fat or need to lose weight, believe me, you ladies are definitely not fat!  and if you are not fat, don't try to lose weight. 

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pasir Ris Sports Complex

I have been waiting eagerly for the Pasir Ris Sports Complex to open since I moved to Pasir Ris last year. Then I don't have to go all the way to Tampines to work out in the gym or swim. And it finally opened in July this year but I have not step foot in it yet.

But after 2 and a half month of feeling sorry for myself and moping around at home, finally picked my butt up and went for a workout at the gym. 

The Pasir Ris Sports Complex is one of those new generation multi purpose all in one place with something for everyone.  

This is the artist impression of the whole complex. Pasir Ris people will not only be able to get a healthy dose of exercises for the body but also plenty of opportunity to work the stomach. Spotted doing renovation now are MacDonald, Pastamania and Once Upon a Milkshake! Isn't it wonderful? So convenient to recoup all the lost calories from the workout in the complex.