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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cold Storage Kids Run 2011

4th year being involved in the biggest kid run event in Sg. This year edition is back at the Padang after switching over to the F1 last year. The event keeps getting bigger and bigger with more children, more categories but at the same price. Very rare indeed for a race nowadays not to increase its year on year registration fee. Even the activities by the various sponsors have improved with simple booth games to traditional children game like hopscotch to the usual balloon castle to obstacle course! The kids never had it so good!

Flag off was at St Andrew's Road. There were so many categories including pram rice, parents and children, fun run, 800 metres and 1600 metres races for kids of various age groups.

The kids are fast. Super fast. The first 4 kids in the 1.6km race came in sub 6 minutes and for the kids in the 800 metres, the average time for the top finishers was around 3 minutes +!

 Children from the Spastic Children Association of Singapore also took part 

A giant size climbing obstacle course for the kids

These cute little kids from a preschool walked away with the School Challenge's trophy with the biggest number of participants and put up a little dance to the delight of the crowds.

There was also a little fairy. 

Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves. Well almost.

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