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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trail in the East - Tampines Eco Green

Running trails have never been this good. For the longest time, there was practically nothing and nowhere to do a trail run in the East. Then the Tampines Mountain Bike Park was opened and it opened up a whole new dimension of running in the East. Unfortunately, that was a victim of its own success and it was soon commandeered by the YOG and closed to the public. Then Lor Halus Wetland opened and with it another new playground abit a rather oily and smelly one.

Now there is a new addition. The Tampines Eco Green. One day after its soft opening, me, the kid and the sidekick promptly ran the short 1km from our place to this new park. 

The whole place is created from a vast piece of empty land which has been left unchecked for more than 20 years. There is a 3km "carpeted" trail and it was fun to run on it. Like running on air. 

The path or trails were clearly marked out with directional sign and the distance clearly marked out.

More interesting was the sight. The place was left unkempt in most areas and there were areas that look like a big Savannah and swamp land

We managed to do an almost 4km run within the Eco Green before crossing the road to the Tampines Mountain Bike Park and continuing another 5km. By the time we reach home via Pasir Ris Dr 1 instead of the Tampines PCN, we had cover a total of 12km. I am pleased like hell that I now don't have to go all the way to MR if I just want to enjoy a short trail run.

And there's more. A new trail just another 2km away. But that shall have to wait for the next post.

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