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Monday, April 29, 2013

Running in the Night

Was out running in the evening just now and spotted a lot of runners wearing dark running attire and even full black attire. Now I know wearing black is cool and makes one look slim but it is kinda dangerously for the runners especially in these days of errants motorists and pavement cyclists.

Running at night can be a great experience especially without the heat but one think to be aware of the safety aspect. Runners need to be visible and be easily seen by motorists and other road users. Some runners are so engrossed in their running and listening to their MP3 that they totally forget where they are. And ditto motorists and cyclists. And woe if the twain shall meet.!

A group of runners that I know, the Punggol Runners insist that their runners not only wear bright attire while running in the night, they should also carry flashing light to warn others of their whereabout. That is being sensible and good advice which I think everybody who runs at night especially along the road side should follow.

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