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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Die Running

Another case of sudden death from exercise!

Shocking that such occurrences seem to be appearing in our papers more and more often.

Maybe I be next? Last night doing intervals in the gym - on the 6th lap, was going dizzy and nearly fall off. Managed to finish the 7th and final 800 though and today still in one piece.

What is causing these deaths? According to reports, most of these people have an hitherto unknown heart condition. But then how to explain why some have been running and exercising for ages and then suddenly drop dead from a simple run.

Is there more to it than meet the eyes? Maybe some aliens choose only the fittest guy around and suck the life out of them? Maybe these people have a internal battery put in at birth or during surgery and the battery clonked out? How come only the guys dropoed dead? Why no ladies? Is this guy mad from running and writing rubbish?

Anyway, my sincere condolences to the family of the two recent departed. God bless their soul!

For me - it will be a fitting end to die running -- but not so soon - must live to see my children get marry first. According to the Death Clock my date of death will be 23 June 2036 another 31 years to go which will make me 74 when the Almighty Runner come for me. Hmm still a long way to go! Definitely can see the children get marry maybe even have grandchildren. But will I still be running then?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back At Work

What a way to end the long weekend!

On Sunday, went to MacRitchie again - this time with BC and Sebas. Ran 15k from the carpark to Upper Pierce, u-turn at toilet and back to carpark via the Golf link. Somewhere just off the PUB substation before the Ranger Station, there was a foul smell. Had smelled it on Friday. Maybe there is another dead body there? Finished the run in 1.43 hrs which was much better than Friday run.

Then in the afternoon got hit by a stomach flu and threw up everything I ate. As usual, straight away the Mrs blamed it on my running. She said I was running too often and therefore don't have enough rest and therefore the body become weaker and weaker..blah blah, blah.... Hmm maybe some truth to it or simply just getting older?

Got a MC for yesterday went back and slept the whole day until 7pm.

Back at work today. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be okay. Scheduled for this weekend LSD is a 27km run.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Long Weekend

Finally, after so long, got a long weekend break from work.

The weekend starts early - last night went to the Nokia Starlight Movie. Lucky thing the tickets were complimentary - otherwise will be cursing and swearing. There was 3 times when the show got cut off. Somemore got to sit on the grass. Very uncomfortable. At $15.00 per ticket - I think the movie goers deserve better. Lucky thing the show Hitch was nice. But still don't understand why so many people will pay $15 bucks to sit on the ground and watch a show that can be rented from the video library at a much cheaper price. Romantic - the Mrs certainly didn't think so!

This morning - went to MacRitchie to run. But first had to drop the Mrs off first. Started the run at about 9.40 am. Decided to run 25k according to the training schedule. That means 2 and a half round on the 11km route. The ground was still wet after yesterday downpour. Didn't run so fast. Took 1.08 to run the first 10k. Went the second round at an even slower pace and eventually finish off at 2.28 hrs. Didn;t manage to finish the 25k though. Stopped at 21.5. Too hot (nearly 12pm by then). Still not too disappointed with the timing. It supposed to be a long slow run and beside my first time running 2 rounds on the MacRitchie circuit.

After that went to collect my NB RR cert. Holy shit - they have a photo of me drinking water and walking on the cert! There are so mnay better ones in Sportsphotox - why they choose such a lousy one!

Then went to the NB Technical Centre. Why they call it a technical centre - beats me. The sales staff there are no better than the others at the other outlet. Service is good though but everything got no size. I would have thought this would be the place where they have got all the stocks.

Sunday going back to MacRitchie with Sebas and BC. Planning to run 15k. Hopefully, start earlier can get a better time.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Finally managed to do another LSD yesterday. It's was running cats and dogs in the morning so was a bit disappointed. Then had to go to work. Stopped at 5.30 and went to East Coast. Weather was good so decided to do a longer run.

In the end, ran 20 km. Finished it in 1.55.58 hrs which was good considering that is was the first long run in 3 weeks.

So far the past few weeks, been doing the 3 runs a week training recommended in Runners World mag. To date been able to do the interval and the tempo runs as per schedule but the long run has been difficult due to the RR and the Mizuno Wave plus the flu and bad weather.

The 3 runs comprises a speedwork which progress from 8 x 400 to 4 x 1600, the tempo ranges from short(4k) to long(12k) at a speed slightly faster than 10k pace and finally a lsd ranging from 16k to 35k. So far the toughest has been the speedwork as speed is not my forte. Do noticed a slight improvement in my tempo run recently though.

Will I be able to do the full marathon with this program and not want based on mileage? I hope so.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Side Track

Alamak, I started this blog not just to write about running but more to persuade myself that I'm even if growing older, must still continue to learn and be better than the younger people. That way, cannot be outsmarted or lose my job to a younger person.

But somehow along the way seem to be sidetracked into writing more and more about running.

Anyway, saw this advertisment about a Fit ball trainer who is 73 years old. She started exercising only after she retired as an architect and has now started a business training people using the fit ball. Showed the Mrs her photo and asked her to guess the age - she said about 50. Boy was she surprised when told she is already 73. Hmmm, wonder how the Mrs will look like when she turns 70?

I suppose all my running around is not just for fitness and personal satisfaction but may be in my heart I want to stop growing old. Wrong - should be 'aging'. A person cannot stop growing old but can stop aging.

Anyway, I'm happy to note that for someone who is past 43 now and still consder a novice runner, I can still outrun many people, (even regular runners) but then again there are many older folks out there who can outrun me.

Back to the starting block!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mid Day

It's lunch time and here I am in the office.

Just recovered from the flu attack. Growing old - used to get 1 cold a year now's it 3 times in 2 months and some more took almost a week to recover.

I guess when a person turns 40, or like me just touch 43, the body is no longer so agile, so fit and probably despite all the hard training - never the same as that of a 20 or even 30+ guy.

Only consolation is when I look at the number of runners who are older than me like Jafar, even BC, the old man at Tampines/Bedok Res etc who can run rings round me, I am inspired and so I shall press on. Sure I cannot turn back the clock but I shall try to keep at preventing it from going forward.

Wasted about the AHM otherwise this could have been a good LSD run. Reading the blogs of the other runners, it seems that everybody ran well. Good for them and keep it up all you runners out there.

Tonight will continue my training for the marathon. Target now is to do at least 30k every week according to the schedule. Hopefully, can find enough time to fit in.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


While the rest of the running world in Singapore is running away, I was enjoying my sleep. It's hurts to have to miss this run especially after training hard for it and looking to better my last year time. What to do? Damm bladdy flu!

Anyway, a small consolation. Last week Mizuno Wave Run number came out in last night 4D draw. Again not the exact sequence but bought $5 ibet so win $200 or so. So total winning since the RR is now $2900.00 including what the Mrs gave me for hitting 2nd prize from my RR registration no.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

To Run or Not to Run

Last night got fever. Today still don't feel very good. How to run tomorrow? Maybe should just heed my own advice and don't run. Otherwise die how? Ha ha - then family become very rich. Good for them.

Also don't feel like taking part in the 2nd link. Have to reach JB by 4 and must bring passport. Dann lechay.

Suppose no choice but to wait until the SC marathon.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Damm bladdy Virus

Why so sway! Kena flu or whatever again! 3rd time in like within 2 months. Like that how to run this weekend?

The SBR&AHM is a particularly sentimental run for me. It was my first mass run after I took up running last year March and this year is the 2nd time I am running and I am looking to better my time last year.

The Mrs is already making noise about my running and with this &*&%$#@@ flu, how to run?

Just hope though that it's not dengue...

11.30 Went to see the doc. Good - regular doc is around. Also a sportsman. His verdict - common cold but no running this weekend. Sigh. Look like got no choice but to sign up for the 2nd Link.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Runnng for Money

Can't believe it! Another strike! Number tags for this weekend SBR&AHM came out and the NB Real Run came out again in yesterday evening Big Sweep draw. Not in exact sequence but different combi. Still managed to win $102.00 for an output of $10.00 in the ibet. Not bad. Probably better than the winners of last week Mizuno Run who ends up with free trial membership.

Total winning from these 3 runs todate: $689.00 More this weekend and next Wed?

Continue like that - can turn pro - just to get the number tag! Haha

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Don't Run Until Dead

Read on SGRunners about the girl who had to be admitted to hospital after collapsing on the beach at the NB Real Run. Also, at the Mizuno Wave, saw 1 guy lying on the floor being attended to by paramedics. Myself, at the RR, threw up immediately after the run - an experience that I have never got before and all the more shocking just 10Km.

I think the problem with a lot of runners including myself is we tend to push ourself - one more km, one more minute even though we are sick and cannot tahan anymore. Some call it determination but I think doctors have a term for it - crazy.

On my runs especially at Bedok Res and EC, also see some runners (usually the overweight) wearing hoods, trackpants and tracksuits and fully zip up running. In our hot weather, this is suicide! The heat get trap inside the body and the body temperature goes up. Without adequate water, it will be easy to get dehydrated and consequently heatstroke.

I also seen 1 guy at my home gym trying to run when he very obviously had shinsplint. He will run a few minutes then stopped, grimace in face rub his leg (as if that will cure the pain) and continue and the cycle repeat.

So for what's it worth to anybody out there who reading this - if you are sick, don't run - there's always another day. If you have started running and don't feel well halfway through - walk. There's no shame.

Better to walk to the finish than to be carried there!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Mizuno Wave Run

Alamak, when I drove past the running route enroute to the start, I was a bit apprehensive. And when reach the start and saw only an inflatable ballon as the start/finish gantry I was like - what is this? a community centre fun run? No electronic timer no distance markers!

The run itself was fun - just a short bit of facing sun and after the u-turn, shade all the way till the end. Drinks were inadequate - after the u-turn at the drinks station, overheard the helper commenting that there was not enough water. At the end point - not even a water station!

BC though he has a chance of coming in top 10 in the veteran's. So we stayed back to wait for the results. More boo boo. The MC was annoucing time of 18 mins + for the 10 & 9 placing for the veterans before he shut up when I think he also realised it was impossible to achieve that type of timing for a 10K run. BC was disappointed he didn't came in the top 10. Anybody out there knows the actual results?

Me? - decided at the start to take it easy and so ran at a relaxed pace and came in at 52.49min. Unfortunately, since this is self timed - will never know what is the actual.

Next week - the SBR&AHM

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Running into luck

I can't believe it. 3 strikes in a row!

Yesterday night, my NB Real Run number tag came in 2nd in the Big Sweep draw. Not in the exact order but all 4 combi. Too bad I only bought the i-bet so didn't strike much but the real picking - is the first prize 2263. That was the receipt no and both Mum and wife hit jackpot. Poor me - never buy.

Last year, after the 2nd link and the marathon, my tag number came out starter in the following week draw - again never strike cos not in habit of buying 4 D

Official result is out: Chip time: 53:58 Gun Time: 54: 40. Not too bad should have been able to do better but nevermind cannot win the race but still can get some cash.

Look like have to buy this weekend Mizuno run number.