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Friday, October 06, 2006

This Week

This has been a good week. It didn't start off well but that's normal for Monday right?

Monday - Finally, the annual reports are out and delivered. Got a mild scare in the afternoon when 1 goodnu finally picked out an error - after like what 6 rounds of checks by no less than 6 different people including the external auditors and lawyer. Luckily not printer fault otherwise the asshole sure chew me up like mad. Ha ha in the end got to paste sticker again - just like last year. Who ask him to approve the stupid text without checking thoroughly? Anyway, it made my day to see the asshole at fault for once!

Tuesday - Got a real good news. The company has on top of paying for the hospitalisation agreed to reimburse 80% of the oestopathic treatment. That means I can get back close to $600/-. Enough to buy a HRM with spare change for a new shoe:)

Wednesay - Was at CGH for physio and the Synviss injection. Bumped into Dr Chang at the waiting area. First thing he said when he saw me - "you can throw away your clutch lah!". Yeah! now I'm walking freely. For the physio session, have also switched back to Darek as Megan has been transferred. Darek is more thorough and experience but a real - what we call 'physio-terrorist'. I am more optimistic that under his care, I will recover even faster!

Thursday - At the HOD meeting today, unexpectedly Chairman raised an issue not on the agenda and which had been decided and agreed on with one of the indie directors last week. The end result, was Chairman overruled the indie director's instruction which means my dept end up not having to do the newly assigned tasks. Hurray!

Friday - At this time, nothing good yet but with so much positive feeling this week - maybe can strike the big Toto prize tonight:) Hmm if only can bother to go and queue up!

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