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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eastside Run

The 2nd Eastside Run for this year and the 3rd one organised by this old man. Someone asked me while on the way to the meeting place why I bothered to organise group run. Very simple answer - if not, I probably sleep in since not training for any serious race. Why wake up so early on a nice glorious morning when you can laze around in bed doing...... But when there are other people running together, the obligation is there so no choice got to drag the lazy butt outta the bed and out for the run.

Anyway, back to the run. This time round, met more new faces, Neyton, Lovelle21 and Simon. The others are User1101, Jeremy, mercifulfate and Earth who have migrated to the East from the West. Special appearance by Lionel who came all the way just to tell us he not running and Zco who dropped by to say hello. Found out later, Kelly came late and went for her own run.

The route for the day run was slightly different in that it was not a loop where the start and end are the same. Instead, from Simei we went along the Eastern Park Connectors starting with the Simei PCN then on to Bedok PCN before hitting East Coast Park and finally on to the Siglap PCN and stopping at Kembangan MRT station where we took a train back to Simei for breakfast.

Weather was fair. The pace was a bit slower than normally with most of us not having done long distance for some time. Earth had not run since the SCSM, Jeremy had not run longer than 10k since SCSM as well, Neyton was nursing a knee injury and me still cautious on the left foot. Also quite impressed by the devotion (?) of Simon who came down all the way from Woodland to run and keep Lovelle company. Bravo!

One thing though. I think everybody miss Brokie or more precisely, her camera.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Another 2 weeks of slacking and minimum running and its now 79! And pretty soon I will have to take out all those pants that was put aside when the weight was 86 and waistline 34.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Unconventional Chinese Sinseh

A fellow runner friend recommended this TCM practitioner in Tampines. This friend of mine goes to see him every few months to 'iron' out the kinks in his body. So I thought why not? - since the foot was still not fully okay.

The very first sign that this was not going to be the usual twist and pull of the typical 'tei-ta' sinseh was the guy was playing on a video game when I walked in. On his very cluttered there was a host of game consoles from all the major brands. There was also an iGallop.

Waited for him to finish his game first before proceeding to the treatment bed. Another surprise awaited me. He picked up another Osim product - an iSnug and proceeded to put my calves in for a massage. Glancing around the room, I think short of the massage chair, he had practically all the Osim products.

He left me on the iSnug and went to attend to another patient. When the massage time went off, he came back and proceeded to do the usual twist and pull. Then the torture came. I think what I went to was not a clinic but a torture chamber. He started using all sort of gadgets to roll, hit and whack the leg. It was worse than deep tissue massage. When I told him that, he laughed and said it would be worse if he do it for the side of the leg! So I was kinda lucky be was only doing it to the back of my leg!

After an hour of painful roll, whack and pull and pressing of various parts of the lower body, he finally put the foot back into the iSnug for a massage. And he - he went to the next cubicle to do his own massage on an uSqueeze!

Finally he explained that my injury was not the result of any sprain, which I myself was quite sure, but an accumulation of all the stress and pounding on the legs from all the running which was why he was treating the whole foot and not just the painful part of the foot.

Indeed felt much better and light footed after the session. Actually it was more a massage session than a treatment. He also managed to persuade me to buy the whacker which he claimed if I used it to hit the legs after each run, there will be no need to see him any more.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hope for Runners

What is the most common bane of all runners? Knee pain or what is commonly known as Runner's Knee.

Previously, in the bad old days, this means a total knee replacement for the serious case an thereafter kiss running goodbye. Nowadays, can just do knee arthroscopy so running can still continue albeit after a short recovery break but now there is hope!

Parkway Health Group is partnering an Australian biotechnology company to test a new stem cell therapy which promises 1 injection to cure knee problems.

According to the report, "Dr Lim Cheok Peng, managing director, group president and chief executive of Parkway Holdings Limited, said the trial is “new medical paradigm” aimed at “regenerating and rebuilding damaged tissues to address the underlying problem".

A ParkwayHealth spokesman said there have been no reported side effects from the stem cell injection “to the best of our knowledge today, and from the extensive studies conducted by Mesoblast”.

So how about that. A runner's dream come true?

Read the article here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kampong Chai Chee Valentine Day Run

Saw this run on the forum and decided to sign up for it since the distance was just nice and we were still in nuahing mood. The Kampong Chai Chee Valentine Day Run is at Bedok Reservoir and distance is just 8.6km. There were 3 categories, namely Competitive, Couples and Fun. Originally, we were signed up for the Competitive (there were no option to tick on the online registration) but since it was held the day after Valentine Day, we changed to Couples. I also figured out our chance of winning something will be higher in the Couples event (assuming there are not a lot of strong couples running). Unfortunately, although I was proven right, we did not win anything!

The race was flagged off by Minister of State for Trade and Industry Lee Yi Shyan in 2 waves. The competitive runners started off first after an extremely long warm up by some lady from a gym. Slingrunner, Aerosolcan, K20z were the only runners from sgrunners that we met. Trailblazer was there to support as well. The Couples and Fun runners started about 5 minutes later.

As there were overall only around 250 competitors, half of which was in the competitiors category, we were able to start right at the front. From the flag off, I stayed in front checking back occasionally to see whether anybody in red bib was close behind. M was about 100 m behind. The strategy was for me to go all out and clock a good time and M's job was to finish in front of all the ladies:) As it turns out, I was able to maintain the lead throughout the 2 rounds without any guys in red bib coming close. Without any pressure, I reduced the pace and relax and finished in 46:35 mins + coming in first among all the guys in the Couples category. M too came in first among the ladies with a time of 49:14 mins. So I thought - this was it - first prize! But as things turn out, the Couples category was a fun race and there was no prize for coming in first! To make it worse for M, when the winner for the Ladies Competitive runners was announced, she discovered that based on her time, she could have come in 2nd!

M is pissed. In addition to not winning anything depsite the timing, she complained all the couples ran together except us (actually not true - the 2 guys behind me also came in without their other half) but I can smell trouble brewing and didn't want to push it.

And to make it worse, we had the worse ever breakfast at a coffeeshop there. There was a fairly long queue so we joined in and ordered the mee rebus and mee goreng. The mee rebus was so salty and the mee goreng was overcooked and there were these 3 flies buzzing around.

What a lousy start to the racing calender! We shoud just have stayed in bed and sleep in instead of getting up to run. At least that give my foot a few more days to rest. Now it's hurting like hell!

Anyway, Slingrunner came in 3rd and also walked away with the first prize in the lucky draw. [clap hand]. Read his field report here. Aerosolcan also won a consolation prize in the lucky draw. [clap hand some more]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nuah Time again

In Chinatown for lunch on Thursday so decided to pop in to the Chinese Sinseh to have the foot checked out. He claimed the injuries are caused by the joint being out of alignment and proceeded to twist it back. Ouch! But it make sense. Any things be it precision machine, watches, furniture, etc that are not properly aligned will still function but what comes out will be poor parts, creaky sounds so

Good excuse to slack further not that I have not been doing so since Monday.

Monday - nuah whole night
Tuesday - swim a bit
Wednesday - eat a whole lot of popcorn as the only form of 'exercise'
Thursday - walk/jog 5km
Friday - sleep 8pm to 10pm
Saturday - Valentine Day - love my legs must give it tlc so no running
Sunday - let's see...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Injured Again

I think I need a new pair of legs.  This is getting too often.

Out of the blue, develop a sprain on the outer part of the left foot after Sunday run at Sengkang following the Newton Active Familiarisation run. There was no pain, no nothing and I don't recall stepping off any curb or into any hole. The route was smooth and  flat throughout. Even after the run at Sengkang CC there was no problem until while running back to the car, there was a pulling pain from the left foot.

After running through all the possible causes, I think the likely cuplrit is the Newton Motion trainer that I was trialling. It was a pretty old pair and probably totally worn out already. I recall seeing that the outer lugs had already worn off so that in effect I was probably landing on the outer side of the foot in a awkard sort of outward pronation and over the 10km, the impact caused the outer foot to break down in protest.

Sianz, I hope it is just a minor blip. Too lazy to go to the Chinese Sinseh and I have a race coming up this weekend!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Safari Zoo Run 2009

Safari Zoo Run 2009. First 'race' of the year. And a very expensive one at that. At $38 registration, and being held in an ulu location and with no competitive category, I thought the turnout would be poor but boy was I surprised when we reached at 3.30 pm and found the car park almost full. Turned out there were about 4000 + participants in the first ever run to be held in the zoo. I guess most of the people wanted to kill 2 birds with 1 stone - visit the zoo & night safari and get in some exercise as well. For me, it was the novelty of visiting the Night Safari in the day time that attracted me to the event.

The event was fairly well organised. The runners were flagged off in 3 waves in 10 minutes interval - the elites runners first, followed by 'normal' runners and finally the 'abnormal?' runners. We started right at the back so I supposed that made us abnormal runners but it's okay. We were there for the fun of it and not looking to smash any PB - maybe get a PW.

After flag off, we walked into the human jam caused by the narrow pavement and the gates of the night safari.So it was a slow slow jog all the way. Disappointingly, all we got to see in the night safari was scene like this
Where are the animals?

So there was a sort of a mini jam when the runners spotted the first animal or rather bird in the Night Safari and camera toting runners like me stopped to take a shot.
Along the way, bumped into a few familiar faces mainly from the Running Lab but few sgrunners other than those wearing the sgrunners t. Hmm maybe I should take part in more sgrunners events to recognise the many new members?

Out of the night safari (distance about 3km) in a cool 31 mins, saw a most welcome sight:
Yes the Milo van. Can you believe that after so many years of taking part in races, I never ever had a chance to drink from a Milo van yet? This time die die must stop to drink even though I was not thirsty. Grabbed 2 cups - one for myself and 1 for Alicia before going into the Zoo.

At last, finally chance to see the animals. Of course, the famous man-killing White Tiger, many different species of deers, a real giraffe:and this not real giraffe.
Back to the finish point in 15 mins (I had abandoned my walk/jog and decided to do a run) and seeing so many people still mulling around, decided to go for a 2nd loop in the zoo. Caught up with Alicia who was taking the photographs and walked with her back to the finish line finishing the whole run in 1 hour 25 mins. Ha ha a record for a billed 6.5km race .

Stayed behind for the food, and the 2 lucky draws. Didn't win anything but 2 friends in the group did win something in the sgrunners draw so it didn't turned out too badly at all.

All in, it was a fun event. One which I enjoyed myself very much with no self imposed pressure to do a PB or outrun the people in my sight. Is this a sign of old age?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Someone is pissed

After all her hard work, Alicia is pissed. Today was her school's road run at East Coast Park but the school screw up big time and she ended up with a big fat zero.

The road run was divided into competitive and non-competitive and like all secondary schools, B & C division. She was in the competitive B division for girls. The run starts in wave but apparently to save cost, the school did not issue number tag. So how the hell do they keep track of who is who and running which event? Of course they failed to come up with a proper system and poor girl, she came in top 10 (her classmate came in 11th behind her) so she has to be top 10 but because the finisher at the end didn't know her and failed to issue her the position tag, she did not get any placing. And worse, apparently the boys and girls run a different distance and she goondu goondu went the boys' route (there was no marshall and only a small sign). To add salt to her wound, she overheard some girls who came in with placing talking of how they took 'shortcut'!

And the teacher's respond to her appeal: too bad no finisher number no placing!

What the heck! I feel for her so I going to write to the principal and kick a fuss and hope the idiot who is in charge of the whole thing get his ass kicked!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This Weekend Runs

Managed to get in 2 runs this weekend. after stuffing myself silly the whole week.

An easy run with the sgrunners at Tampines Mountain Bike Park. Met a few new runners Jeremy, Lionel (young enough to be my son), Caroline (Run Free) who not only run free but also run fast. Weather was good and despite the wide open ground, there was no heat. As usual, stopped at several stragetic locations to take photo (Brokie the cameralady). Pace wasn't really fast it was after all touted as an easy run to just burn off some new year goodies.
Photo courtesy of Brokenrunners. More photographs here

Sunday evening  went to East Coast Park. Did a short run with Alicia and M of 4km. Alicia just recovering from flu but still did creditably finishing the 4km in 26:18. She complained of stitches towards the end but that is to be expected given her current lack of fitness.

After that, while the ladies stopped, I went off for another round this time doing a 10km. With the body warmed up from the earlier run, and no 'shackle' to hold me back, decided to try and break my record for this route from F2 carpark to the traffic light). Unfortunately, despite the effort, still couldn't complete the 10k or so in under 50 mins finishing slightly off at 50:30. Oh well, another day then.