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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mileage Mileage Mileage

Mileage, mileage, mileage. I have decided that last week was the week that I was going to break 60K. The plan was to do 10 on Tue & Thu, 15 on Sat and 32 on Sun. Total: 67k. Yeah pipe dream.

Monday was rest day after the PI 30k run on Sunday. Tuesday came down with an unexplained fever so Tuesday and Wednesday frizzled out too. Thursday - didn't want to push it and only did a short 5k. Friday got work and end up leaving office late. Saturday finally managed to do a 14km with new running friends. Which means only 19k for the week and 41k if I want to touch 60 for the whole week. Decided that was too optimistic, the original 32k will do but alas someone up there has obviously decided that I need a longer break - it rained cat and dog on Sunday morning! 

Sighed! Ended up going for a run at 10.30pm. M said I siowed! Yeah a bit crazy most of the time. Was really tempted to run longer but in the end settled for 15k as need to go to work the next morning.

So did  I miss the final opportunity to do my last long run? One more weekend to go after which must taper. What's  going to happen this week?

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