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Sunday, November 23, 2008

M's Borneo MarathonTrophy

M's trophy has finally arrived along with a free Air Asia ticket. The ticket is quite useless though. Must board from KL and only to Borneo. So unless she intend to fly from Sin to KL and from there to KK or Kuching, it is as good as junk. Some more doesn't include airport tax, baggage etc. Anybody want a free air ticket from KL to Borneo, good until next March?

Apart from these 2, she also won RM1500 which was tt to her bank account so all it I must said this has been a fruitful 1st marathon for her.

Will she be back next year? I doubt. This type of luck cannot prevail. She has already ride her luck twice - once at the Mizuno Mt Faber Run and now this. Both time, timing that are so miserable that we didn't even bother to find out the results after the race. Like for the Borneo Marathon, even though we were still at the stadium until quite late due to transportation problem and had looked at the results pinned on the wall, it never dawned on us that she had won. To get lucky a third time, she need to look for another obscure race where the number of women veteran runners are few and don't attract attention from the elite runners here and in the home country. I don't think there is a lot of these around though.

But having said that, I would like to go back though but not for the marathon, but to climb Mt Kinabalu, visit the reserve and see Survivor Island which we had no time to go the other time. And of course to eat the barbecue seafood at the waterfront!

The race report here


  1. wow...shwe trophy!
    congrats to Molly on her maiden marathon outing...cheers!

  2. Kinabalu is definitely worth a climb. One of the few mountains in the world where one of the routes to the summit can be tackled without technical expertise :P