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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


My friend Ben, wrote about mileage training for the marathon in his blog and of course he being the ironman that he is, he only needs a weekly milege of not more than 30km to do a marathon!

Now me, being a mere mortal have always subscribe to the belief that mileage is key to doing a good marathon. And that means doing at least 60km a week. Unfortunately, for this year, a lot of things seem to be conspiring against me to keep me from doing a proper mileage training.

Take the leadup to the Borneo marathon, total monthly mileage for June, July, August was 171, 189, 183 and September was a miserable 99 no thanks to the ankle sprain sustained during the Swing KPE run. This means assuming a 4 week month, the weekly mileage was 42, 47, 45 and 24! October itself was not much better. After taking out the marathon itself, the weekly mileage was only 35! Now into the first week of November, with a 30k race last weekend, this should be the week for me to boost the mileage but instead out of the blue, I am down sick and 2 days of training is gone. So this week mileage is unlikely to hit 40 after which it will be too late to increase any more

Compare this to last year when weekly mileage for the month of October to mid November was at least 55k a week! And those were with higher intensity training thrown in compared to this year just running at slower than race speed.

Looks like I going to suffer this time round:(

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