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Thursday, December 14, 2006

One night at the gym

Tried to swim last night but it rained so went to the gym instead.

Didn't felt like doing weights since had done so the previous 2 night. Did 30 minutes on the E-trainer instead. After that, while waiting for M...

She called seductively to me. Stared at her longingly. She continues to reckon.. 'Come, come on top of me, ride me, run with me..' Finally like Adam lusting after the apple and heart pumping furiously, I gave in and climbed on top. Just a quickie, try try a bit. It was over before I knew it. I climbed down, drenched in sweat of esctatic joy and flushed with satisfaction. The watch shows 10 minutes. Over in such a short time but it was worth it. 1.62km of pain free running. 6.15 pace. And so ended my first run in 3 and a half months.

Just last week Darek had reminded me: 'No running' he said. 'Run - your knee will get pain - than become weaker - than more pain - than weaker......' Must wait till can do 10 single leg squats without the knee shaking. Been practising hard but the knee simply refused to co-operate. I think if I wait, I will have to wait forever cos so far I have yet to come across anybody who can do 10 perfect single leg squat. It is textbook ideal but not practical so I will start running bit by bit until I am totally confident.

Time to think of running targets for next year?


  1. I think I can safely say "I know how you feel". Thought very hard whether to say "Congrats!" but worried that might be foolhardy for me to say. I think I will rather say "better monitor and don't start running too much, too fast". Take it easy yah. Take care and speedy recovery!

    Good luck! :)

  2. Yah I am going to waste my surgery so I will take it easy and do it 1 teeny weeny step at a time. Thanks

  3. baby step. left in front of right. can't smell your dust soon. ...)