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Saturday, June 28, 2008

MR again

Since I started running, MacRitchie Reservoir has been one of my favourite place to run because of its shade and circular route. Unfortunately, it is also a sort of nemesis of a route for me. I have tripped, had branches crashed down on me and injured my knees there and the last fall I ended up with a broken specs and stitches on my face. Despite that, I was still determined not to allow the place to conquer me so I am back for another bash at it.

This time round, I brought along 3 young(??) ladies. As usual, I choose to start from Upp Pierce (park there more easy) and run to MR. Roo has never been there before and she sure kena caught by surprise by the number of slopes. But she gamely hung on and finished well in the end. This time round the run was unevent full although it took a tad too long with the toilet and many water breaks. I think overall for the 16 or so KM we took 2 hours plus although based on my Nike+ SportsBand, the running time taken was only 1:48:15. (I paused it everytime I stopped for water/toilet breaks).

Oh yah, the Nike+ (u think I forgot about that?), the hairdryer treatment doesn't work. Probably only for Alex Ferguson:) It still ticking though. Distance is still out by about 1km + and the Nathan Shoe Pouch is a breeze to use. Anybody know any other useful way to get rid of the water vapour from the glass surface?


  1. internet rumours say place electronic stuff in the rice.... Rice will absorb the water... u can give it a try

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  3. Hi Terence,

    Thanks. I put it in a container with a silica pack and it solved the problem