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Saturday, June 07, 2008

East Coast Run

East Coast Park from Car park F2 to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal road (traffic light) and back. Distance according to the markings on the floor is about 4.9km. Distance according to the Nike+ SportBand is 5.1km. Overall plus the return leg, the distance as measured by the SportBand is 10.1km so I guess it is more or less accurate.

So those of you out there still looking for a cheap and effective distance measuring tool and a stylo watch, don't wait anymore. Go get the Nike+ sportband. (Hello Nike people out there - like that got plug enough or not?)

However, again the downloaded info showed a dip in the pace from average of 5+min/km to a 7.40min/pace at the 5km mark. Just wondering, is it showing the pace over the last km or the slowest movement (as in 5km was the u-turn point and I had paused to wait for the Mrs to catch a breather before moving on?)

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