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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lost and Found

Was reading in the forum that the Switcheasy was not as good as the Marware pouch. Was surprised as I even had problem prising open the casing of the Switcheasy the other day to take out the sensor for M to use in her shoe.

Then it happened! This afternoon was at Bedok Reservoir with the Simei Constituency runners practising for the Inter Con Race next month. After about 2km, saw the runner in front glanced at his watch and subconsciously also followed. Then realised the Sportsband was registering only 0.01km. Glanced down and saw the top half of the Switcheasy was missing together with the Nike Sensor! My heart sunk. Turned back and hoped nobody had picked it up and pocketed it.(I can hear the Nike people reading this...tsk tsk wear Nike shoe lah than don't have this problem!)Luckily after a short search, M managed to find the sensor. Whew!

So look like probably got no choice but to get the Nike+ shoe? or can someone tell me where to get the Marware pouch?

Anyway, for the morning run at Bishan Park, the distance captured was 8km which was atrociously way too long. Total area for Bishan Park 1 & 2 should not be more than 7km but I think based on pace, we only did about 6.5km. So did letting M use the Nike+ really screwed up the reading?


  1. Heya! You can get the marware shoe pouch from Epicenter Orhard (the one at wheelock place. Just got mine yesterday! Still have 4 or 5 pieces left hanging on the shelf!

  2. Thanks. I found something similar at RL Funan - Nathan shoe pouch

  3. I got the SwitchEasy RunAway too, and I lost my Nike+ sensor during Nike Human Race last Sunday. Couldn't find it as I drop at around 2.6km but I only realized it when I reach 7km. *Sob sob* I have only use it with my sportband for 3x and I lost it. Got to get a replacement :( Anyone know if we can get the shoe pouch in Singapore?

  4. Hi Oicin,

    U can get similar shoe pouch for the sensor from the Epicentee or RL.