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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eye Wear

2 years ago, wore a gold rim aviator sunglass for a run and somebody said very retro. That show how old me is. Recently got a new one. Was contemplating between going for lasik or getting new eye wear. In the end, went for the cheaper option and got a pair of Optic Nerve Falcon which can be fitted with a prescription len insert.

The sunglass itself cost less than a $100.00 but the prescription len that I made at my friendly neighbourhood shop cost doubled the price so in the end the whole thing wasn't so cheap after all.

The spec itself fit very snugly on the face and doesn't slip. No need for any spectacle band. However, the prescription lens insert sit a bit too close to the eyes and can be quite uncomfortable during hard movement. Overall, a value for money sunglass (without the prescription lens).

Calibrating Run

Finally, got the chance to go to Tampines Stadium to get the Nike+ Sportband calibrated. Kiasu a bit and split the run into 2. First one at around 6 min pace for 2.4km and the second slightly faster 3.6km at 5.00 pace. Without calibration, the Nike+ measured the distance as 2.52km and 3.66km respectively. Is that considered accurate or not? Came back upload the info and calibrate it. Now to wait for the next run to see whether it is now even more accurate!


  1. Hi, can i know where you bought the Optic Nerve Falcon from? Thx.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I got mine from the Running Lab at Funan Centre but I believe it is available at quite a lot of places.