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Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Night Run

Just when I thought I figured out the Nike+ Sportband's pace recording, it stumped me again. I had figured that the dip in the pace was due to it capturing my slowest pace (as in when I stopped for traffic or a breather). So I was expecting the chart to look like a series of hills and valleys as I was sweeping last night and stopping every so often for the last runner. But look what the chart come out with:

And the pace for that dip? 31.26/km? Who in the world walk 31mins for a km!

Other than this bummer, it was pretty spot on in term of distance. 7.92km - very close to the 8km that i think the route should be. So the calibration helps.. I think

PS: Those sick of my ravings on the Nike+, very paiseh. I sold my soul:) to the nice people from Nike so got no choice but to keep on writing about it:(

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