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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me and my Nike+ SportsBand

Warning: this is another one of the Nike+ SportsBand update so don't read on if you are sick of it already.

Anyway, after last week calibration, finally found time yesterday to go back to Tampines Stadium to do another run. The first round of 400m was super accurate. 400 exactly on the display. Thereafter, it started to falter. 820m and 1.24km before I gave up tracking. All together did 3x400 warm up, 10xinterval with another 10xrecovery in between and finally another 1.2km cool down. So total distance 10.4km but this was what was captured by the Nike+ Sportsband.

For tonight run, passed the whole thing to M who used it on her Nike+ Vomero shoes.
They ran from the usual start place to Marina South MRT and back with 1 loop round Esplanade Park. Total distance should not be more than 7km. This is what the display showed:
So maybe the Nike+ sensor got confused with the smaller pace?

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