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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Night Run

Another Thursday night, another RL run. Time flies. It has been more than 2 years since I started running at RL as a volunteer runner. Many people have come and gone and I am still there. Most time being the slowest of the 4 volunteers, I am the sweeper but tonight there was no newcomer and no real slow runner so I was able to run at a slightly faster pace. The route was to Marina South Pier. Based on MayMyRun, the distance is 9.72km.
Wearing the Nike+ Sportband, this time using my NB 1222, the distance on it was 9.9km so I guess even without calibration, the Nike+ Sportband is pretty accurate.

Tonight the downloading on the notebook was trouble free. Figured out what I think was wrong with the previous time uploading. I had tried to connect but the notebook was logged on in my daughter's ID so it probably couldn't find the Nike+ program which was installed using my Window's ID. This time round, I installed the Nike+ program again on her Window's profile and it worked smoothly. Didn't even have to log in to the Nike+ website.

Anyway, 1 curious thing. Looking at the splits, (unfortunately it doesn't come with split time, only split based on per km), the timing is very inconsistent. I knew I ran slower for the 1st 2 km, was faster thereafter until the 7th km before I slow down a wee bit but I was pretty sure based on my pace, my slowest was not slower than 6min/km pace but the analysis of the splits show that during the 9th Km, I actually ran a 10.13m/km pace (even my grandmother, God bless her soul, if she is alive can walk faster than that!) and I wasn't even walking! Same thing with the first run. The 2nd last km showed my pace as 7.38m/km whilst I was pretty sure I ran a very consistent pace throughout for that run. And why only the final 2nd last km?

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