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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dengue Alert

Just saw from the notice board downstair that there are 2 dengue case in the estate. As far as I can remember, this place has always got mosquitoes and last year even had to complain to the NEA. Guess what - after the complain they came and inspect my house! As if I could breed mosquitoes and then turn myself in!

Heard on the radio about the latest dengue death. A colleague also got it but luckily only spent 2 nights in hospital. More info on dengue:

Seem like this dengue thing is not going to end any time soon. Read somewhere on the internet about taking papaya juice or some pegaga juice can help to restore the blood count. Hopefully, it's true.

The Mrs making noise about my running in the evening at Bedok Res. Afraid I might get bitten. Told her it's all fate. If God meant for us to go, we go. Can get bitten anywhere - at home or any other place!

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