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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Running Home

Finally I did what I had wanted to do for a long time. Ran home from office yesterday. Supposed to run with Novaflux and Sebas but Novaflux got class so in the end it was just down to Sebas and me.

Started at Republic Plaza at 6.16 pm. Down to UOB Centre along Singapore River underpass to Esplanade - saw all those people doing the Bull Run. Thought the runners supposed to be in half office attire - how come majority in t-shirts and singlets? Anyway continued along Marina Promenade and bump into BC on his run going back to his office. Poor him - still going back to work. Cut out to Nicholl Highway Merdeka Bridge and down to Stadium Walk. Went behind the Indoor Stadium and cross the suspension bridge to Tanjong Rhu and down to Fort Rd and finally reached East Coast Park. Time: 47.01 mins. Running at aggraration speed of 6.10 pace I suppose that makes it about 7.5 km.

From East Coast to Bayshore underpass, took another 41.33 min stopping to buy a drink at the vending machine. Distance app. 6.5 km.

From the underpass to Bayshore, then Upp East Coast Rd to Bedok Corner, down behind Eastwood. This is the part of the route I don't like. Have to run along the road and the traffic is damm bladdy heavy. For this 3 km stretch, took 19.29.

Reach the part connector - a short 1.1km + down Upp Changi Rd East and Simei Ave and home sweet home. Not bad stil maintaining the pace. Time taken: 17.37m. App 2.5.

Total distance covered: 19.5 +/- 0.5 km. Total time taken: 2.05.42

This Sunday - Sebas will be doing his practice at MacRitchie. He got an elite runner qualification coming up next Sunday. Have to complete 10K at MacRitchie under 44 mins. His previous best time was 39.02. Now with age catching up, he's not so confident. But if he qualifies - it's another year of sponsorship from Nike. Wish I can qualify too!

Won't be joining him this 2 Sundays though. Let him do his fast run. Me - has decided to join some of the people from sgrunners and do a 30k.

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