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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cross Training

Couldn't run this morning. The shin still giving problem. With just 7 weeks to the marathon, a bit worried but what to do. The Mrs said she run with me in the afternoon. Told her want to run, run in the morning - you never knows whats going to happen later. True enough - it started running cats and dogs for the rest of the day.

Ended up in the gym in the afternoon. Decided not to chance it and use the cycle. Cycled for an hour. Cycling is very different from running. You can't get the kick and the dog tiredness of running unless you cycled damn hell far. As a cross training - I suppose it's useful although read somewhere that runners should not cycle too often becose it uses different set of muscles. Wonder how those triathlon guys do it?

Weighed myself and discovered has lost another 1 kg. Now down to 72.5 kg. That's bad! BMI is still at a healthy 22.1 but my idea weight is 75. Since going down from 83 last year, have been quite successful at maintaining at 74 until this 2 months.

Have been neglecting gym work. Probably need to work out more at the gym to build up some more bulk. Again some runners believe doing weighs is no good for runners as the heavier weigh slow them down. But I suppose too skinny also no good.

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