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Monday, October 31, 2005

Company's Retreat at Orchid CC

Saturday was the start of the company's Breakaway Weekend at Orchid Country Club. Originally supposed to be held at Kukup, Mgt chickened out and changed it to OCC cos they said there got dengue. As if Yishun got no dengue! Anyway, we enjoyed the time there though. The activities lined up was great fun - suppose to help promote teamwork and all that jazz. The food was not good but plentiful. The highlight was the bowling game. We had 3 games each - 1st game for team high score, second one - handicap where the winner is the team with the most 1 pin standing and 'bohgay'. The last one was one eye jack where we have to wear an eye patch to bowl. Not easy but sure great fun!

Sebas got his MR 25 Elite Run the next morning. He supposed to go back but the bowling ended late so he decided to give the MR 25 run a miss. Sayang! He got a 50/50 chance of getting his sponsorship. I suppose he got so many free Nike stuff that he can pass up the chance 2 years in a row.

Sunday morning, woke up early to go for a short run. Decided to follow the advice of the good people at sgrunners and run to the dam. First time I ran there although been there once during my reservist many years ago. Sebas came with me. That guy - everytime he ran, he must let go. Down there no toilet so he kena do his business in the bush! Later on the way back saw a dead snake on the ground. Hope the snake didn't die from being bombed by him! The run itself was nice - nice scenery and little traffic. Wasted not enough time otherwise will love to run into Seletar West Camp. Took 1hour 02 mins - my guess about 11km but could be shorter since we stopped to look at this guys who came up with baskets and baskets of crabs.

On the way back met some runners including Dreamrunner. He was yelling something like Sanji so I guess Sanji must be with him. Said hi to a pretty girl running behind the guys. Found out today she is Cheeryrunner.

After breakfast, we have water sports - weird games like jenga in the water, scrabble etc hot sun but fun. Lunch and then adjourned to the function room for a wild game where we shouted ourselves hoarse. Teabreak debrief and the retreat finally ended at 5pm.

Surprise - the Mrs finally pluck up enough courage to drive on her own and pick me up. What a great way to end the weekend!

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