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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Today Run at East Coast

Woke up at 5.50 this morning for the LSD run at East Coast. Schedule is to do a 20.8k. Got a sms from BC - he not coming. Pick up Sebas. Original plan was to start from the Sailing Club side run towards Fort Rd join up with the SGRunners. However, since coming down from Queenstown, logical to park at Fort Rd side and start from there.

Start the run at 6.50 towards Fort Rd - up the bridge to the construction site and then u-turn to the 0 Km mark. Passed the SGRunners doing their warm up outside MacDonald. Too far away to say hi.

The first 5 km pretty slow 24.5m. Sebas stopped for a toilet break and I continued. He said he took 23 mins to catch up with me. Ran together until the toilet at the end had a drink and then off he zoom. At 15km lose sight of him. Started running faster to chase after him.

Passed by the SGRunner again. This time slightly off the UDMC chalet. Too tired to say hi.

Reached the carpark. Finished at last. Sebas is already there. Time: 1.52.38. His tme: 1.48. Not too bad. Just a few minutes off his time.

Next week: 28 k - where to run? Maybe Pierce haven't been there for some time.

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